From the Desk of the President – David Cabral – August 2014

I have a special friend that tells me all the time, “Who Does That?” She says that when something goes to the extreme.

Your club does that!

Let’s talk about the past first, and then present, and then the future.

We have been producing a run for you every single month of the year!  And we love it!, you love it and it’s been great!

Presently we are in our busiest month, in our busiest and biggest race. Labor Day is the right thing to say that describes our event to come on September one and we love it, more importantly, you love it!

Permits are current, the courses are current and certified, most important for some individuals, the division winners of this run will be the current 15KRRCA Texas State Champions.

How’s that for current.

For the future …My running friends and families, Tell your friends to join an extreme running club.

We are planning to serve our members with the best events possible. We don’t stop this month, we keep running. Up-coming events are being planned as you read this article. The club’s bring back for the second year the Mercury 10K. We give over 84 Mercury dimes that were once in circulation from 1916-1945…yes the one that were about 90% silver. Save the date Oct. 26th, Pavilion #1.

November 16th we have our Mote in Motion Half Marathon giving finisher’s metals once again. I know we can’t wait for the cold weather to kick in.

December14th, we celebrate the summer once again as we do every year, with our Tropical 10 and Hawaiian 5K. It’s funny how we miss the warm weather after just about two months of cold.

The future is looking good for your Fort Worth Running Club. We are not stopping. I see a great everlasting future for this club. Though we are there for the extreme, we love having walkers too!

So for the past, present and future “Who does that?” We do!

Support your Running Club

David Cabral
President 2014

We are in a world of running.

Think of all the things that run. We run our cars every day to get somewhere, we run our machines to save time and energy.  We run our lives… the best we can… to be all that we can be.

We run for fun, and for good health. We try to save time and energy while running.

Life for us is running …we run the best that we can… so we can be all that we can be.

David Cabral