FWRC 2017 Election Results

From the Desk of the President


Welcome Fort Worth Runners Club (FWRC) Members to 2018! This will prove to be another great running year. The FWRC held elections in December for the FWRC Board of Directors and as a result of this we have some changes in a few positions.


Our New Officers are: President: Sam Balandran, 1st Vice-President Olivia Balandran, 2nd Vice-President: James Grudosky, 3rd Vice-President: Rodney Hart, Secretary Esther Perez and new Treasurer will be appointed in the near future. Our current Board Members are: Michael Polansky, Carmen Flores, Eddie Villarreal, and welcome back David Cabral! There are two vacant positions to be filled in the February/March time frame.


Our past President, David Cabral, has stepped down after five years of leading the FWRC, as well as Secretary Lynda Parra and the following Board Members: Barabra Polansky, Jim & Brenda Case and Alease Bodenstab. We thank them for their volunteer service during their tenure on the Board.


Your FWRC is in great financial shape due to the hard work of the FWRC Board and the participation of our members at our monthly Club Runs. What can you expect in 2018? We will continue to hold a monthly club run, maintain the current race fees, continue with the social gatherings, support the CALF Program, seek new members (currently we have 325 households) and basically we are not changing anything from the previous years.


On a personal note I bring over 40 years of running experience to the table: FWRC Member since 1985, served on the Board 1994-1999, 2004-2008, President 2008-2011, and Treasurer 2012-2018. The rest of your Officers have years of experience on the Board as well and we added one new Board Member, Eddie Villarreal, who has proven himself to be a hard worker and dedicated to the FWRC.


I welcome and value your input on how to improve the FWRC. Please email me directly at ceoduckpond@yahoo.com or a quick call to 817-455-0747.


Safe Running!


Sam Balandran