FWRC 2020-2022 Elections Results

As announced on November 6, nominations for the FWRC Board were accepted from November 8 thru November 24, with no additional nominations being submitted.

Since there are no other FWRC members seeking a position on the Board, the members named below are appointed by acclamation in accordance with Robert Rules of Order, to serve as the 2020-2022 FWRC Board of Directors.


  • President – David Cabral
  • 1st Vice-President- Olivia Balandran
  • 2nd Vice-President- John Hackler
  • 3rd Vice-President Eddie Villarreal
  • Treasurer- Sam Balandran
  • Secretary- To Be appointed

Board Members:

  • Michael Polansky
  • Tonya Arms
  • Carl Calloway
  • Esther Perez
  • Vacant To Be Appointed
  • Vacant To Be Appointed

Olivia Balandran
1 st Vice-President