From the Desk of the President – David Cabral – July 2014

Mid-way through the summer 2014 and we’ve felt the heat as well as a cold front the area hasn’t seen in a hundred year.

Hello runners of the Fort Worth metro area! We had great events this past six months and we are not slowing down! (This sounds like a runner who having a great year!) We just don’t want to lose what we work so hard to get.

March was a nice change from Madness theme, where we enjoyed a Pre St. Patrick Day 5K. April we went back to the Stockyards after a two year departure. The River Ranch 5K ran across the Davis Bridge onto the trail, it was bazaar how the halfway mark (turn around) was exactly the foul pole of La Graves field.

Speaking of returns, we have for the second year brought back the beer can awards for the Michelob Ultra 5K (formally the Bud Run)

The Three Amigos David Cabral, Tom Murphy and Rodney Hart, award all division winner an avatar coffee mug. It’s funny how things change from the first “Three Amigos Four Mile” Run back in June 1993. (22 years ago!) Back then we were cartoons or caricatures. Bud Tomlinson always makes sure we’re very festive.

The recap of our annual “High-Noon 1.2 mile Shoot-out & Club Picnic” event on July 20, 2014 was hot and fast! We (Club members and their guests) enjoyed catered burgers and hotdogs under the shade trees! Now why didn’t we think of this before? I don’t know! Well goes to show you, we can’t think of everything.

Well running friends we hope to see you at our upcoming traditional Watermelon 5K and two person one mile relay August 17th. Until next time Run Happy!

David Cabral
President, FWRC